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The network will be organising several types of open activites and events, where anybody will be able to join:

Past and next events

  • Encuentro Aporta 2015 (Madrid, 25/02/2015): In this event, a large group of experts in Open Data get together to present their recent advances in open data and discuss about open data in general.  
  • Open Data Day (San Sebastián, 20/02/2015; Madrid, 21/02/2015): In the context of the international Open Data Day, several network members were involved in the organisation of hackatons in some Spanish cities. For example, members from the Universidad de Deusto organised a hackaton in San Sebastián on Feb 20th 2015, and members of the Ontology Engineering Group (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) collaborated with the data journalism group at Medialab-Prado and with the Open Knowledge Foundation in the organisation of the hackaton in Madrid.  

Networking meetings

In these meetings, which will normally last one or two days, several dissemination activities in the area of open data and smart cities will be carried out. There will be oral presentations, poster and demo sessions, tutorials, etc. No networking meetings are scheduled in the coming weeks.

VoCamps, Hackatons and Meetups

The network will be also collaborating in the organisation of VoCamps (work sessions to generate vocabularies for opening specific city datasets -, Hackatons (meetings where applications are developed that consume or produce open data for cities) and Meetups (informal meetings where results will be shown to a more general audience). No events are scheduled in the coming weeks.

  • "Zaragoza App Store - Hackaton at Etopía" (20-22/03/2015): The objective of this hackaton is to create web or mobile applications that use open data from Zaragoza's city council and probably using the IES Cities platform. More information here.

Courses and Tutorials

The network members are also organising general and specific courses, in some cases associated to the summer courses of their corresponding Universities.