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Here we will be including details about tools, applications and demos developed by members of the network, which can be used in the context of generating or exploiting open data in Smart Cities.

Tools for Open Data portals

  • FederGob (QUERCUS-UEX): utility to federate a CKAN-based open data portal in
  • ckanext-silk (MORELab-UD). CKAN module for the integration of Linked Data sources.  
  • ckanext-sparql (MORELab-UD). CKAN module for the storage and access to RDF sources.
  • ckanext-metadata (MORELab-UD). Analyser of dataset features, which offers the following functionalities: metadata generation, visualisation and task management. 
  • ckanext-extractor (MORELab-UD). Automatic extraction of data sources.
  • ckanext-federgob (OEG-UPM).Extension to ease the federation process of CKAN catalogs with the global catalog of Spain, [Datos.gob] (

Tools for Open Data Generation and Transformation

  • morph (OEG-UPM): tool suite for the transformation into RDF of data stored in relational databases, NoSQL databases, Google Fusion Tables and data streams. 
  • RDF2RDFa (GRIHO-UdL): transforms RDF content in invisible RDFa, which can be easily incorporate into Web pages by copying and pasting it in any part of the HTML code.
  • ReDeFer (GRIHO-UdL): set of utilities that transform from and to RDF and OWL: RDF2HTML, XSD2OWL, XML2RDF and RDF2SVG.
  • Map-On (ARC-La Salle): Graphical R2RML mapping editor.

Tools for Open Data Visualisation

  • map4rdf (OEG-UPM): Visualiser of geo-referenced resources available in RDF.
  • Rhizomer (GRIHO-UdL): eases exploration of Linked Data by users who do not require any previous knowledge of semantic technologies or the vocabularies behind the data.
  • The UJI Smart Campus (GEOTEC-UJI) is a map-based view of interior and/or exterior assets on the university campus that enables employees, students and visitors to locate an area of interest and review information stored in the human resources and facilities management database.
  • The 3D Smart Campus viewer (GEOTEC-UJI) allows for a better understanding of the information about the campus (buildings, interiors, campus services, interior and exterior routes…) in a 3D model. 
  • Augmented Reality Navigator app (GEOTEC-UJI) helps users to move around the UJI’s by following a route to arrive to his/her destiny in an immersive and very intuitive way. 
  • UJIIndoorLoc (GEOTEC-UJIis an indoor localization and navigation system in 3D buildings (of 4/5 floors) of UJI University. It is based on estimating the WiFi strength signal fingerprint and therefore, since it relies on existing WIFI access points. It is able to work without the need of installing new sensors. UJIIndoorLoc has also produced a multi-building, multi-floor indoor localization database for testing purposes which is publicly available at the Machine Learning Repository (UCI).

Tools for Vocabulary Generation and Publishing Support

  • OOPS! - OntOlogy Pitfall Scanner! (OEG-UPM): web application that detects typical pitfalls in the design of ontologies. 
  • Widoco (OEG-UPM) allows generating the HTML documentation of ontologies, so as to facilitate its publication on the Web. 
  • Click-On (ARC-La Salle): Graphical OWL ontology editor that hides the complexity of creating ontologies in the DL-LiteA formalism.

Open Data Demos